If all that we are is two matching scars

Just say the word if you want to go, want to fall in love with someone else. Go on and find someone better
who can keep you warm, who can give you more.

We both know it's not enough

If all that we are is two matching scars, lines in a movie. The same favorite song, we both sing along. Then I don't want to be in love

Fall asleep in the shadows of something beautiful, til it's not enough. I always see you in black and white, like a photograph, of another life. 

I'd rather be alone, than build a broken home. Been holding on to you like I can never let you go.

Say what you want to say, show what you never show. Let's be honest here and say what we already know. 

Your heart is somewhere else, it's not like I couldn't tell. Can't give you all my love when I don't even know myself. Trapped in each others arms we got the best of us. We keep each other warm but we both know it's not enough.

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